Caffeine Crash Urbanisms

Some of you know that I am a bartender. If you follow my Twitter or Instagram I have cluttered your feed with videos of DDOT busses and things happening at Rosa Parks Transit Center.

In that spirit, here’s some thoughts from my late night/early morning commute home.

The Bus.

As I have previously said, at 3:38 am, the 37 Michigan bus is the most beautiful sight in Southwest Detroit.

Urban Surveillance.

This really, really does not make me feel any safer. What would make us safer around here would be to not have acres upon acres of surface parking.

Icons, But Funny.

Does anyone else think that this should say “Bus Only?” Either way, its awkward for both of us. I feel like I am being yelled at. Maybe that’s the point. ONLY BUS!!!

Floating Heads.

Idea for Halloween story: Ichabod Urbanist and the Headless Bicycle-Man.

A Dad Joke.

I heard somebody saw a fox in Rouge Park last week. I was surprised they had spread so far from downtown.

Becoming Delirium.

Man, this city’s got everything: moons AND casinos!

No, Really.

4:02 am. All I ever wanted in this world.

Historic Preservation.

I really hope that Olympia doesn’t get to demolish the Hotel Ansonia or the Atlanta Apts. I have always loved these buildings. They’re like old friends, Cass Corridor is home, and we don’t want any more surface parking lots. It would be great to see people live in them again.

Waste Infrastructure.

The Brave Little Dumpster.

In Conclusion…

So, there it is, after the coffee and Red Bull wore off. I made it home, and it felt so good to take the cash out of my boots, socks, sleeves and the other places I had it stashed. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and Movement Festival Weekend!

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