Michael Stepniak, author of this blog!

Michael Stepniak, author of this blog!

I started writing this blog as an undergraduate Urban Studies student at Wayne State University. After several gigs working in urban policy, I went and got my head turned inside out by the Design and Urban Ecologies program at The New School. My thoughts have evolved considerably since my first post, when I thought I would be the next Robert Moses, except nicer. That said, the only change I have made to the paragraph below over the years is to remove the word “postulate.” Here’s to changing our thinking and becoming less pretentious every year!

Cities are our most fascinating human construct. Let’s have a conversation, or if at all possible, an argument about ideas. The goals of this blog will be to explore possibilities, be proven wrong, put forth solutions and improvements, encourage both creative and critical thinking, examine history,  and of course, to complain about the city bus being late again.

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